How can we help?

Based in the High Peak which is close to the Peak District National Park an area which is great for holidays. While we get plenty of visitors it generally doesn’t feel like it. If you are into walking there are many interconnecting footpaths with free access and lots of small villages all with their own character. Well Dressing is an important event in many of them.

Enough of the advertising for where we are, now about how we can help.

We  offer to do a number of different things and importantly we do not charge for our time:

Design, produce & maintain websites for good causes, friends, charities, hobby sites and non profit making organisations. Where you are located doesn’t really matter, the web is world wide and I get a lot of support from excellent web designers in Java & Norway.


Help people to use computers, tablets or iPads safely. This can be done at a distance by email or phone or if geographically possible on a direct face to face basis.

My experience in helping is fairly extensive and over a wide range of devices and software.

This can be anything from  “How do I do…..?”
or even
“I have been given this tablet as a present and I have no idea how to use it”

I am also just (March 19) starting to use WordPress which is different from my CoffeeCup Site Designer and while frustrating I can see some advantages but also some disadvantages.

Hopefully the more I use WordPress the easier it will get. This site is produced using WordPress.